Texarkana 67 Speedway is a 1/4 mile dirt track ring just north east of Texarkana.  There are numerous racing events that take place on the dirt oval.  Everything from Sprint Cars to Motorcycles.  Almost every famous race car driver started on the dirt tracks and worked their way up the ladder.  Most drivers in NASCAR started out on the dirt tracks in the south before making their way to the big time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome say that the best racing you can watch is on the Dirt Track though.  That is before people become big time.  That they still are proving themselves and are more aggressive then later in life.  Some move up to Formula One, most go onto different varieties of NASCAR careers.  But they aren’t the same as they did when they were running around the dirt ovals.

For the small version of us check out the West Coast Raceway

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